GDPR Workshops

Is your business ready for GDPR?

This workshop aims to help you to understand what GDPR means for your organisation, identify what data you hold and what you do with it and give you the tools to be compliant with the new regulations.  This includes how to conduct a Data Audit and give you the framework to write a Data Policy and a Privacy Notice.

The workshop last for half a day and will provide all the material necessary for all attendees.

This workshop can be given in your offices, the cost of us putting on the course at your offices is £150.

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Staff on the new General Data Protection Regulations

We can also run a Briefing on the new General Data Protection Regulations for your management team to make sure that everyone is up to speed, this is less activity based and gives more opportunity for asking questions.  The briefing lasts one and a half hours at a cost of £125, this will take place at your offices.

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