Data Protection Audit

As part of our consultancy work we conduct a through audit of you business to find out how well you are complying with data protection legislations.  The audit takes place at your premises and covers:

  • General Business
  • Privacy By Design
  • Staff Awareness & Training
  • Lawfulness of Data Processing
  • Adequacy & Relevance
  • Fairness & Data Subjects Rights
  • Accuracy
  • Data Transfers Abroad
  • Data Retention & Deletion
  • Data Security
  • Data Breaches

We also use this format when working with our clients to ensure their continued commitment to good data protection practices.

How does it work?

We can come to your organisation and conduct a Data Protection Audit on your activities, we will then produce a report to identify any gaps that you may have.  It will depend on the size of the company as to how long this will take.

How much does it cost?

For companies with less than 10 employees the cost is £500.  For companies with more than 10 employees please contact us for a price.